Commissioning & Training

WEISS teams are on site throughout the entire phase of boiler commissioning. This phase of adjustments is crucial for proper long-term operation of the heating plant.

Working Closely with Customers

The timing for commissioning of a heating plant is adapted to customers’ needs and may vary from a few weeks to several months. During this period, our customers’ teams are trained in the operation and maintenance of the installations to become operational and autonomous quickly. The training schedule depends on the starting level of each customer’s teams and the complexity of the installations.

Authorized Trainer

WEISS is a registered trainer (Registration No. 827 301 393 - 73). We are therefore able to offer training in or outside the company on the main components of a biomass heating system, how it operates, and maintenance.

Engineering Teams in the Field

The Commissioning Department is backed up by engineering teams in the field to provide prompt and expert local service to our customers.

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