An Enterprising Team

Executive Management

Our Chief Executive Officer is Frédéric Autret, an Arts et Métiers engineer. He is seconded by a team that brings together all the skills needed to complete industrial and community projects. With a concern to provide a close fit for customer requirements, in collaboration with regional managers, Frédéric Autret administers the Service Division, which ensures commissioning and after-sales service for biomass installations.

Engineering Division

Sylvain Decurninge, an INSA Lyon engineer, oversees the Weiss manufacturing and ongoing product improvement process, from design to on-site follow-up.

Sales Division

Cyril Dérout, who has an MBA from IAE Paris, for more than 20 years in the world of industry has developed projects for "energy plants" for an international group, then for a major player in renewable energy. He manages the sales team that handles Weiss bid development.

R&D Division

Rémy AUBRY, an Arts et Métiers engineer, is in charge of R&D and training.

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