Our Expertise

Le savoir-faire WEISS

Energy production from biomass is the core of our know-how. We are expert installers for all heating plant components, from storage silos to the distribution of energy through the system. We rely on the experience and responsiveness of our collaborators who are the top experts in biomass combustion techniques. We are able to meet all our customers’ requirements to provide them with the best technical solution.

Heat production for all types of fluids:

  • hot water
  • superheated water
  • saturated steam

Heat production for all uses:

  • district heating
  • industrial
  • residential (rent-controlled and condominium properties)
  • services: hospitals, high schools, retirement homes, CAT assistance through employment centers, sports venues, shopping malls, etc.
  • agriculture: horticultural and crop greenhouses.

A Century of Experience

Our proven technical solutions ensure full process control for our customers. Every year, WEISS installs some 30 heating plants representing over 100 MW on average.

Innovation in Our Genes

At WEISS, we are committed to constant innovation to be able to offer the very best technical solutions. Changes in regulatory constraints, especially to control smoke emissions, encourage us to find new solutions that are ever more effective and ever more protective of the environment.

The Weiss product line includes fully automated boilers with power ratings ranging from 1 MW to 15 MW.

The fuel required for Weiss boilers is wood chips, by-products from logging and lumber. The boiler power systems developed by WEISS engineering departments operate autonomously for several days.

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