Weiss Boilers

Weiss’ Line of Wood-Fired Boilers: 1 MW to 15 MW


For power ratings above 15 MW, WEISS performs custom engineering to design and size the boiler. All our boilers use the latest technological innovations and deliver maximum performance.

We offer complete installations, including all components from storage silos to smoke treatment and deashing.

Operation of Wood-Fired Boilers

The design of our boilers uses the "8-point" operating principle:

Wood Fuel

  • fuel storage unit (silo)
  • fuel transferred to the boiler


  • fuel loaded into the foyer
  • combustion
  • heat exchanger

Waste Treatment

  • smoke treatment
  • ash collection


  • automated systems / control system / control room

Operating Diagram for a Biomass Boiler

Variantes possibles

  • Wood-fired systems: scale hopper or grapple crane
  • Boilers: horizontal or vertical smoke tubes or mixed water tubes / smoke tubes to meet waste or pressure requirements
  • Waste treatment: multi cyclone, precipitator or baghouse

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